About VIF

Whether you just climbed the mountain you feared so much or you’re finishing the half-marathon you never thought you’d finish, you want to enjoy that moment to its fullest. You want that vivid, sharp and lively image of your achievement ingrained deep in your brain. You'll remember it forever. And that’s exactly what VIF stands for (in French quite literally). With our sunglasses, you'll always see the bright side of sports. You'll keep vivid memories, enjoy all the stunning views and to be honest, look pretty damn cool doing it. 

The eyewear brand VIF was created due to the passion for sports in 2021, partly in Mallorca and partly in the Czech Republic. In cooperation with numerous cyclists, runners and athletes from other industries, we have developed the first model of sunglasses, called the VIF ONE which offers true comfort and protection of the eyes in any sports performance.




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