Lens Guide

When we think about the choice of sunglasses, it is good to bear in mind the conditions in which we will use these glasses. Each condition has a different intensity of sunlight, as well as different types of lenses with a given light transmission. This light transmittance is given as the amount of light, expressed as a percentage, that it is able to penetrate the lens. The higher the percentage, the more light the lens passes through and the other way around. The lens with a transmittance of over 90% is therefore suitable for worse lighting conditions such as cloudy, overcast or snowy. On the contrary, we choose a lens with a lower percentage of transmittance for conditions where we have to protect our eyes even more from the sunbeams. 

Cat 0 80 – 100 % Indoor and cloudy weather
Cat 1 43 – 80 % Low brightness
Cat 2 18 – 43 % Medium brightness
Cat 3 8 – 18 % Bright light, water & snow
Cat 4 3 – 8 % Extreme bright light (glacier or desert)
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