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The age range of a child cannot be completely defined by age, but rather by height. Compared to adult glasses, the glasses are reduced by 1.5 centimetres in height, width and length. So they should fit roughly the face of children aged 8-15, or women with really small faces. VIF One Youth & Kids also have an adjustable nosepiece to better fit a child's changing face size as they grow.

Photochromic self-darkening lenses have variable transmittance, which adjusts to the amount of ambient UV radiation in the range of category S0-S2, so in the dark, twilight, rain are completely clear and in the sun darken to the level of normal sunglasses. They are thus particularly suitable for sports in variable sun conditions, such as running or driving through the forest.

The polarized lenses have a fixed transmittance of category S3, which makes them particularly suitable for very harsh, strong and constant sunlight. Thanks to the polarising filter, they filter out all reflected light, making them perfect for water sports or snow sports at higher altitudes.

Unfortunately we are an eshop without physical stores, anyway, according to the law you have 14 days to try and return the goods. We are of course willing to extend this period after a reasonable discussion with the customer. :)

In the header of our website you will find a form for withdrawal from the contract, which you should send completed, together with the complete package of glasses and the invoice to VIFSPORTS, Mailstep a.s., Do Čertous 2760/10, 193 00, Prague, Czech Republic. Refunds will be made within 30 days, i.e. according to the statutory deadline, to the account specified on the form in the case of a complaint, within 14 days of delivery in the case of withdrawal.

Each pack of VIF sunglasses comes with 2 lenses, one universal mirror colour of your choice with UV 400 filter and then all black polarised interchangeable lenses suitable for mountains and harsh sun, or a second option of photochromic self-darkening lenses. In case it is cloudy or snowing we recommend a clear lens for darkness and bad weather.

You can find instructions on how to change the lenses of our glasses on the VIF YouTube channel here:

The main difference is in the design of the glasses. In addition, the second model of the VIF glasses has a slightly smaller central composition, so it fits better on smaller faces. :)

The colour design of the lenses affects their properties:

Blue and Ice Blue - a yellow brightening tinge of colour
Gold - a light tinge of blue
Rose Pink, Pink, Silver, Red, Green, Black - neutral grey

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