What are polarized sunglasses?

Do not compromise on sunglasses. Protecting your eyes from the sun is the easiest thing you can do for your health. And with polarization, it is even better.

Polarization is already quite common with quality sunglasses. The VIF sunglasses also contain a second, spare lens that will protect you from the harsh sun. You do not have to deal with sharp reflections in polarized glasses. These are formed at sunset, after rain or by the water. Sometimes the light is reflected so strongly that you cannot even see for a few meters. And without polarization, it can be harmful.


How does polarization work?

Ordinary daylight spreads in all directions. However, if it bounces off a shiny surface such as glass, water or a wet road and snow, it becomes polarized and we perceive it as a sharp white light. But ordinary glasses without polarization cannot filter it. And even if they are dark, they will not make it more pleasant. However, polarized glasses can provide a clear image without glare.

TIP: Do you know how to make sure that the glasses really have a polarized filter? If you place two polarized glasses behind each other, it is visible through them as normally, however, if you rotate one 90°, they will become opaque. Crossing both polarized lenses, filters out the vertical and horizontal waves so that no light passes through.

With polarization you ride safer

You can see the contrasts clearly through the polarized sunglasses even in bad weather. They do not skew colours and retain sharp details. Thus, the eyes are much less stressed. You can focus better on driving a car or cycling. You can react in time to a situation that is otherwise difficult to see after a rain on a wet road with reflections. Therefore, riding a bike or driving a car is much safer with polarization.

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