VIF One Youth & Kids Photochromic UV400 Replacement Lens

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The photochromic self-darkening lens with UV400 filter and light transmission ranging from Cat. 0 - Cat. 2 is the ideal choice for sports in variable sun conditions, such as cycling or running through the woods. The photochromic lenses are self-darkening, allowing them to adjust themselves to the surrounding weather within a pre-defined range of solar intensity. NTS (non-temperature-sensitive) technology activates the tint of the glasses according to the intensity of UV radiation, not the ambient temperature.


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Product detailed description

The lenses are treated with a special hydrophobic filter, which is scratch-resistant and water-repellent, so even in the rain, the glasses are perfectly transparent and also absorb less moisture and thus, they do not fog up.

ATTENTION! This lens is only compatible with the children's version of VIF One Kids & Youth!

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