VIF Photochromic UV400 Replacement Lens

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The photochromic self-darkening replacement lens with UV400 filter and light transmittance in the Cat 0 - Cat 2 range is an ideal choice for sports in changing sun conditions, such as cycling or running through the forest. Photochromic lenses are self-darkening, so they adapt to the surrounding weather within a predefined range of solar intensity. NTS (non-temperature-sensitive) technology activates the tinting of the glasses according to the intensity of UV radiation, not according to the ambient temperature.

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Product detailed description

The lenses are treated with a special hydrophobic filter, which is scratch-resistant and water-repellent, so even in the rain, the glasses are perfectly transparent and also absorb less moisture and thus, they do not fog up.

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Category: Replacement Lenses
? VLT Category: Cat 0
Weight: 6 grams
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