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The second model of the VIF Two #AceOfShades sunglasses stands out for its lightness and workmanship. The glasses weigh just 32 grams thanks to the TR90 material used for the frame. This package includes black polarized lens against really harsh sunlight.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Material: The lenses are treated with a special hydrophobic filter, which is scratch-resistant and water-repellent, so even in the rain the lenses are perfectly transparent. In addition to all the accessories, this pair of VIF sunglasses contains exclusively a black polarized lens, which reduces unpleasant glare in intense light. The rubber of the nose-piece and temples stay grippy even when wet, so the glasses will stick to your nose during any sports activity, they ensure comfort even when the glasses are worn for a longer period of time and most importantly, during a potential crash.

VIF sunglasses branded as TR90 have a frame made of Grilamid. Grilamid TR90 is very light, flexible and durable and its properties surpass classic polycarbonate or nylon and significantly affects the comfort, safety and durability of the entire glasses. TR90 is a transparent polyamide made of mixtures of various synthetic resins. It is characterized mainly by very low weight, high flexibility and strength. This material is partly used in Formula 1.

Polarized lenses contain a layer of triacetate (TAC), which reduces glare, increases image clarity and increases scratch resistance. TAC lenses are extremely light and also absorb less moisture, thus, the glasses do not fog up.

TIP: Do you know how to make sure that the glasses really have a polarized filter? If you place two polarized glasses behind each other, it is visible through them as normally, however, if you rotate one 90°, they will become opaque. Crossing both polarized lenses, filters out the vertical and horizontal waves so that no light passes through.

Note: The polarized lens may affect the perception of LCD screens and other displays.

Additional parameters

Category: VIF Two
Dimensions: Height 65 mm, width 145 mm, length 165 mm
Weight: 32 grams
Package contents: Mirror REVO lens with UV 400 filter, black polarized or photochromic lens, glasses case and microfiber cloth, durable travel case
Light Transmittance: Cat. 3
Lifetime Warranty: Yes
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